Let me preface this by saying: I’m having so much fun building this thing out but the van is already kicking my a**. Or perhaps I’m just a horrible judge of how long it takes to complete a project. Maybe both.

Probably both.


  1. I have no prior woodworking experience. I thought I did because, Ikea. But oh boy was I wrong.
  2. I learned everything I know about building out vans from blogs like the Vanual and YouTube.

So, after 3 full weekends of work (I have a normal desk job still), I’ve completed the following:

  • Gutting/cleaning the plastic flooring/carpet and cleaning out residual mold from the van’s prior life as a mushroom delivery vehicle (not kidding).
  • Reflectix and styrofoam board insulation. *Waiting for glued items to dry took a lot longer than I thought it would
  • Wood floor platform
  • Basic framing

I still need to finish off securing the floor with some sturdier bolts/screws but it works for now!

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