Large Person in a Small Van

When I first show Harry to people, almost immediately I’m asked: “how do you fit in there?”

I’m just over 6′ tall and the van itself is the size of a minivan, but packed the brim with storage space, refrigeration and other gear. When planning the build, the number one priority for me was sleep space — how could I create a compact bed area that could be packed away during travel but expand to be a comfortable and stealth sleeping situation for my height?

Ideally, I would have created a situation that could be folded out while all the doors were closed and required minimal set up time and break down while allowing for work space in the van. Unfortunately, the size of the van and the refrigerator I purchased called for a different set up.

Ultimately, I opted to give up room for a desk or sitting space in the back of the van favor of more storage and a larger bed platform. This means that if I want to work on my computer, I have to do some from one of the front seats or better yet, outside!

Downside: I lose access to the fridge when the bed is out and can’t drive with the bed in “sleep mode.” I’m considering redoing the setup before any major road trips for this reason, but for the immediate camping season that’s approaching, this will do!


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