There are few times in my life when I’ve felt utterly violated, watched and scared (I’ve had a charmed life, ok?). Being robbed was definitely one of them.

I came home from work to find that my locked van had been broken into. I remember thinking “I don’t remember taking all the junk out of the glove box…what’s it doing on the chair?” And then realizing, upon further discovery that yes, someone else had done that and had also taken my brand new Suaoki solar panel battery pack, propane heater, a number of small electronic items like chargers and battery packs, and, to add insult to injury, my altoids! I guess the thief had to hustle at 4pm and then had a date at 6pm. Who knows.

While it sucks to be broken into, it could have been much worse. The silver lining? I wasn’t in the van when it happened, neither was my dog, Chalupa. They didn’t break any windows, and they didn’t take a number of other expensive items. Or my cash. I will never understand that oversight. But that’s neither here nor there.

What am I doing to prevent this from happening again?

  1. I went to go get an alarm system installed a.s.a.p. Within a few days I had a brand new system installed including kill switch, break in alarm and glass break sensor.
  2. I took out everything from the van and stored in my parents garage until I had the security installed. I also left a snarky note to said thief in case they came back. Likelihood of my insulting verbiage deterring them from stealing again? Low. Did it make me feel better? Hell yes.
  3. Moving forward, I created a better system of covering items up instead of just putting covers on the side windows. Now all of my items are housed in secure storage spaces that are hidden from plain site when the van is parked.
  4. I purchased and am in the process of installing a safe.
  5. I try to park in front of busy areas where it would be hard to steal anything discretely

Here’s to hoping it never happens again!



2 thoughts on “Robbed

  1. Thieves are the lowest form of life, in my opinion!

    The area in which we are living has gotten so bad with all kinds of theft…

    I am glad they didn’t get anything of huge value from your van. This may ruin your week, but it won’t ruin a decade…

    Kudos to you for taking positive steps to protect yourself and your possessions!


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