Re: Bed Set up

How does a 6’1″ human sleep in a mini-cargo van, you ask? Quite comfortably!

I recently re-did my bed set up to accomplish the following:

  • Improve access to fridge/under bed storage while inside the van
  • Mitigate the need to fold the driver’s seat forward when the bed is out. I didn’t like the idea restricting access to the driver’s seat, or being able to sit in it but be so close to the wheel that it was unsafe to drive
  • Provide more space

With the new mattress pads I got from Amazon and a little construction, I have 2 options for sleeping (both of which comfortably accommodate me at 6’1″ and Chalupa).

1. I can open up only half of the bed and leave the slide-out platform closed. This gives me floor space, is easier (saves me 30 seconds) to set up, and best of all: access to the fridge and under the bed storage while still inside of the van. If it’s raining or I’m stealth camping, I don’t want to have to go outside to get anything. I’ve also got a small fold out bench that I place in the open floor space and can use the bed/fridge as a desk if I’m on my computer. Downside is that the bed is smaller.

2. I can slide out the platform, open up the second mattress pad and enjoy a full size mattress and fully #glamp. This option is much roomier, and still allows me to jump into the driver’s seat should I need to make an emergency get away. Downside: I can’t get to the fridge or under bed storage without getting out of the van and I lose floor space for shoes before bed.


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