Bed Construction: It’s like Deja Vu All Over Again 

For the 3rd time since building the van, I’ve reconstructed the bed. But this time it’s for keeps!

What I was trying to accomplish:

  • I wanted a stationary bed. I got really tired having to set up and break down the bed every day. 
  • I wanted better access to storage. Sliding things under the platform was ok, but it meant that I could only access certain items from outside — which is not good for stealth camping. I made a hinged bench that allows for access from the inside of the van as well.
  • I wanted to be able to sit up in bed. The previous platform was level with the fridge, which meant that it was too close to the ceiling for me to sit up in bed to read, watch movies, eat pizza like a slob, etc. 

What did I learn?

  • Simple is always better. Previous designs were complicated by things that needed to be locked or expanded. I thought I needed a full size bed to sleep well. I don’t. Single/dorm size is totally functional and comfortable.
  • Multi-access storage is best.
  • Keeping things from sliding is a big deal. My dad helped install a small lip between the floor of the van and storage area to keep things from sliding around while I drove. It made a huge difference.

New and improved permanent bench bed. No more setting up the bed every night! And now I can sit up while on the bed!

New and improved permanent bench bed (v3)

Bed v2. Sliding optional platform with half the bed resting on the fridge.

Bed v2 in locked, driving position.

Bed v1. I had to set up the whole platform by opening all the doors and moving a ton. Not stealth at all and really cumbersome but I had a full size mattress.


5 thoughts on “Bed Construction: It’s like Deja Vu All Over Again 

      • How do you decide where to visit? Also, I need to go back and read your posts to understand better what motivated you to start this magnificent journey. Do you have a sense when your road tripping will be complete?


      • Basically I just pick out national parks I want to see and then use those points as my outline. From there I basically just wing it!

        As far as how I started — I was building the van as a side project bc I love camping and the outdoors and wanted to upgrade from the tent :). After taking it out almost every weekend I had a moment of clarity and said to myself “I gotta do this every day!” So I saved up for a while and quit my job.

        I’m not sure when I’ll be done! It’s been an amazing journey and I’m loving every minute!


      • What a fantastic sense of adventure. My dream is to get the current venture I’m working on to a point where I can travel the world and work. Such as live in Paris for six months. Then move to another local such as Honduras and go scuba diving and surfing like I did when I was a kid. Maybe I’m doing it wrong and should start out adventuring more around the US and follow your path.


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