Moon Shots

I was lucky enough to grow up in an astronomy-friendly family. By that I mean, my dad regularly took out the telescope and looked at the stars, taught my sister an I how to find things with our naked eye, took us on Astro-camping trips and took a lot of photos through the telescope.

This past week, we broke out one of the scopes and took some photos of the moon. It takes some fidgeting with the ISO and F ratings as well as exposure times but the good news with taking photos of the moon is that it's easy to find and pretty obvious when your image is in focus.

Here's the set up we used:

  • Meade ETX90 telescope
  • Meade T-Ring adapter for the ETX90. We used prime focus. Meaning, there was no eye piece projection. The 90 refers to 90 mm aperture, and the optical design is called a Makutsav-Cassegrain. The adapter screws into the scope eyepiece area, the camera screws into the adapter.
  • Canon Eos/ DSLR camera

One thought on “Moon Shots

  1. This is so cool. Thanks Brooke for authoring the post. I have requested to rent a telescope from the Seattle Astronomical Society and if anyone needs a Camera try Glazer’s photography rentals. I also want to try to get one of those gorgeous Milky Way shots. To see what I’m referring to look at the link below. Do you know if the difference between the Moon photo you took and the Milky Way photo is exposure time?

    Seattle Astronomical Society


    Milky Way Picture


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