Large Person in a Small Van

When I first show Harry to people, almost immediately I'm asked: "how do you fit in there?" I'm just over 6' tall and the van itself is the size of a minivan, but packed the brim with storage space, refrigeration and other gear. When planning the build, the number one priority for me was sleep … Continue reading Large Person in a Small Van

Harry’s First Trip

Sunday, 1/8/17: Harry is finally finished and ready to hit the road! I pack up my back pack, make sure I've got enough winter/water proof clothes to keep me warm if we get stranded, pack the fridge up with food and beer (the essentials) and prepare to leave. Tuesday, 1/10/17: After a short, 48-ish hour … Continue reading Harry’s First Trip


Let me preface this by saying: I'm having so much fun building this thing out but the van is already kicking my a**. Or perhaps I'm just a horrible judge of how long it takes to complete a project. Maybe both. Probably both. Context: I have no prior woodworking experience. I thought I did because, … Continue reading Insulating