“So How Much Did Your Van Cost?”

A question that I am often asked, I thought I'd put together a quick run down of estimated spend on Harry to date: I'm sure there are a number of other items that I purchased, but here's a run down of all the big ticket items that I can remember.  Total estimated spend on Harry … Continue reading “So How Much Did Your Van Cost?”

Mother’s Day Camping — Do It!

I went camping with just my mom, Robyn, this weekend and it was so. frickin. fun. If anyone is looking for a mom-friendly* camp site in Washington to spend Mother's Day weekend at, here's a list of fun activities that I suggest you check out! Lake Wenatchee Campground: One of the most popular campgrounds in … Continue reading Mother’s Day Camping — Do It!

3 Thoughts About Wally World Camping

Well, I did it. Harry, Chalupa and I took the first solo trip (aka just me + dog) out into the wild. And it. was. awesome. I played in a volleyball tournament this weekend and decided to drive down early so that I could sleep in (sort of) and not be stressed in the morning … Continue reading 3 Thoughts About Wally World Camping