Solo Camping Tips

Quick run down of helpful takeaways from my solo camping trip last weekend: Safety: I brought all of this stuff with me out hiking as well Knife (or several) I kept one in my pack, a big one in the van, and a small pocket knife in my pocket at all times Super bright flashlight I'm … Continue reading Solo Camping Tips

3 Thoughts About Wally World Camping

Well, I did it. Harry, Chalupa and I took the first solo trip (aka just me + dog) out into the wild. And it. was. awesome. I played in a volleyball tournament this weekend and decided to drive down early so that I could sleep in (sort of) and not be stressed in the morning … Continue reading 3 Thoughts About Wally World Camping

Harry’s First Trip

Sunday, 1/8/17: Harry is finally finished and ready to hit the road! I pack up my back pack, make sure I've got enough winter/water proof clothes to keep me warm if we get stranded, pack the fridge up with food and beer (the essentials) and prepare to leave. Tuesday, 1/10/17: After a short, 48-ish hour … Continue reading Harry’s First Trip